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Appleseeds Soccer


Pike Soccer offers a specialized program for three year olds called Appleseeds Soccer!  Appleseeds will offer a low intensity introduction to soccer.  The Appleseeds will meet once a week during the week starting in September (Fall season) and March (Spring season). Participants will have an opportunity to do some fun activities and also play some games to build their soccer skills.  NOTE - There are no scheduled games in Appleseeds.  Appleseeds is a prepratory program designed to develop skills.


Why an Under 4 program? After observing three year olds play U6 in 2012, the Board of Directors decided that this age group needed more attention. Three year olds are developmentally so different than four and five year olds and they tend to lose interest in an organized practice and games much quicker than older players.   The Appleseeds program will allow them to have fun at a pace and in an environment just for them.


How Much Does it Cost? Fees are $45.00 per player and include an Appleseeds TShirt.


Who Can Be an Appleseed (FALL 2019 SEASON)?  Boys and girls born between January 1, 2016-December 31, 2016 must start in the Appleseeds Soccer program, unless otherwise allowed by the Club.  


Why Appleseeds?  Our first soccer fields were in an apple orchard back in 1989.  We honor those beginnings with twin apple trees on our crest.  Our youngest players are like apple seeds that we hope will enjoy soccer so much that they will grow and develop into apple trees, that is, players who enjoy soccer for a lifetime.


The Appleseeds Soccer program will be led by a certified Coach with assistance from the parents, who are expected to be present at the sessions and to participate.  Parents will get to learn some activities they can do at home with their Appleseeds to help them develop.