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2012 Pike Soccer Logo - black_4color copy


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In 2012, PCYSA rebranded ourselves as Pike Soccer, Inc.  


As a part of this effort, the club designed a new crest to appear on all future jerseys, promotional materials and spirit wear.  The club developed a crest for Pike Soccer, Inc (the umbrella organization and the provider of recreational soccer) and for the Fury Football Club, our Academy/Select arm.  The crest is modeled after the crest of the Coelraine Football Club of Northern Ireland.  The following elements make up our crest:


The blue waves represent the Flint River and Elkins Creek, which runs along side our first soccer fields and borders the current soccer complex.


The apple trees repsresent our start in the apple orchard off of Eppinger Bridge Road.


The red chevron represents the extension of Pine Mountain that runs through the county.


Our club was founded in 1989, so this date makes up the lower part of the crest.

2012 Pike Soccer Logo - black_4color copy